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About us

Founded by Ankita Babaria in 2018, Kalpavriksha is a pure, safe & effective skincare and haircare brand products are handmade manufactured in Ahmedabad using the highest quality, natural & certified organic ingredients. Our tree is standing tall on base of following three roots (EEE) EFFECTIVE, ECONOMIC, ETHICAL.

Quality Standard
More than Happy Customers

Our mission is to provide safety as well as beauty which fulfill needs of customer who seeks natural beauty products effectively. We believe that you should never feel less than 100% that your skin helps you feel beautiful.

The whole manufacturing process ensures products are produced in the most sustainable and environmental way.

We believe every botanical product must contain only natural & organic ingredients, sustainably sourced from organic farms protecting the soil and never utilize harmful chemicals. It also ensures that all raw materials have been carefully extracted and gently processed to retain all their natural goodness and potency. Kalpavriksha promise you to Delivers naturally Ayurvedic products, our treatments do not cover up problems we eliminate them. With 100% of natural, No chemicals, No preservative and No animal testing, Dermatologist have tested for safety.